8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Ade, Grove Village, Manchester.

Here is a young man called Ade, Ade was referred to Uncle Joe by a previous student  Ayo who had passed earlier after having lessons with Uncle Joe. Ade had made previous attempts both in Portsmouth and Peterborough. Due to the changing nature of Ade’s job. Ade recently relocated to Manchester after securing a contractual employment with the University here in Manchester, Ade had to look into passing his driving test here in Manchester. Upon the completion of our first lesson Ade was advised to book his test which was a good sign in some ways. Uncle Joe was going to polish up and tidy up Ade’s driving skills by bringing structure, safety measures and basic routine that was it really.  Ade ‘s was the second of the trio that passed on the 08/07/2013 at the Cheetham Hill Driving Test Centre, Ade made history by passing his test first time in Manchester making only four driver’s fault. Congratulations once again wish you a lifetime of safe driving.  Here is what had to say about his experience with Uncle Joe:

Hi ‘am Ade from Birmingham. I was recommended to Uncle Joe’s Driving School. And with few lessons under thorough coaching I passed my test once in Manchester. Having done it several times in Birmingham and Peterborough with other instructors


"On a positive note, my driving lessons with Uncle Joe have been wonderful. I learnt so much that would make my driving safe and structured. I came from a background where I picked a lot of bad driving habits but he has helped me to knock them off. Another thing I would like to mention is his discipline with time. I passed my driving test on a second attempt. I thank God I that I am a licenced driver in the UK. Chinyere "  Read More