8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Daniel, Manchester

Meet Daniel, he just completed his Msc recently. His work would depend on him driving around hence the need to pass his test. Daniel went on the friends and family package and in no time passed his test. We could say he is a joint record holder with Lauren as both had 2 minor driving faults. What separates them is Lauren, she passed on her first attempt whilst Daniel passed on the second attempt after narrowly missing out on his first attempt. Yes Daniel deserves his place in the rolls of honors. Popularly referred to Uncle Daniel from my two little lovely daughters Grace and Hephzibah! Well done wish you a life time of safe driving

Just three words that describes Uncle Joe – Best Driving Instructor. Uncle Joe is simply a man that is passionate about people interested in driving, developing and building their confidence,  teaching the ideal driving principles and ensuring that you pass your practical test. I am his 1st student that had a practical driving test with only 2 minor faults and i believe that there will be someone that will break the record. I will recommend Uncle Joe driving School to anyone that wants to know how to drive and wants to pass the practical test (i have started recommending). Thank you Uncle Joe

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"From the moment I started the lessons, Uncle Joe began to instill in me the belief and confidence ,he knew, I would specifically need to pass this driving test and to pass it as quickly as possible. Hardly a dull moment with Uncle Joe, The lessons were fun, invigorating and also challenging. However, never once did I feel out of my depth and that was all down to Uncle Joe. "  Read More