8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Earnest Allswell, Fallowfield, Manchester.

IMG_0683Meet Earnest who is an undergraduate here at the University in Manchester. Earnest got in touch with Uncle Joe about a taster session. I thought the taster session went well, showed Earnest has had some driving lessons before. 20 ours package was recommended after the taster session. We kept the lessons going as each lesson came by, Earnest made steady progress. Confidence building was on its way back to Earnest and we got to a point where test was booked for end of May 2015 but as the lessons progressed we both feel the need to bring the test forward.  15th May 2015 at the West Didsbury Driving Test Centre Earnest passed his practical test on his very First attempt making only 3 minor driver’s fault. Congratulations once again I could not be any less proud of you. Wish you a life time of safe driving. Here is what Earnest has to say about his experience with Uncle Joe: 

I passed first time with Uncle Joe. I had quite a lot of bad driving habits that I’d picked up from a previous instructor but Uncle Joe had the patience to correct them. His teachings are very easy to understand and he helped to calm my nervous driving. He persevered with me even when I was struggling. He helped me to become a confident driver. Thank you Uncle Joe.


"Passed first time with Uncle Joe after having so many lessons with myriads of instructors in the last one year. First met with uncle Joe barely a year ago shortly after surfing the net in search of another instructor, as again had been disappointed from previous ones. Met with Uncle Joe who took me on for an hour and pointed out mistakes and areas that needed working on. I was honestly quite happy with his conduct as an instructor, very friendly, professional and reasonably blunt. But his fees were daunting...... I mean killing.to me......!!! I negotiated prices with him, he was quite understanding, but I thought the fees were way off my budget as it was about £7-£8 more than what I had previously paid other instructors. I decided to leave uncle Joe after my first encounter, shopped around for another instructor, got disappointed again and again, got really fed up and thought driving wasn't for me. On discussing with a friend, about 9-10 months after, she had by then just passed with an instructor following her 4th attempt. She mentioned him to me and encouraged me to try to contact him. I did not realise it was same uncle Joe I was been referred to. After speaking on the phone, we arranged our first meeting and Alas !!! It was uncle Joe again...... I didn't know how to feel.....good or bad? I could not just understand it. We both laughed at how it happened again and this time around meant business. We started the journey again and as usual he was resolute on his charges, but at this point I was willing to pay even extra. I got the best out of all the lessons. Uncle Joe reassured me I was going to pass the test which I did not believe him at all, but surprisingly for me, i did pass my very first attempt. Would recommend him again and again! Thanks uncle Joe for everything you were simply exceptional!"  Read More