8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Erum Ahmed, Fallowfield, Manchester.

IMG_1142Meet Erum, A young lovely lady who lives in the Fallowfield area of Manchester. Erum had been unsuccessful with her practical test. I got a call from Erum during the conversation we agreed to have a taster session after which we agreed to a 10 hour packaged. One thing that I must appreciate about Erum is TRUST. I honestly appreciate the huge trust that Erum had in me. This made me go the extra mile. Erum completely believed and took on board everything I said to her about test booking and driving lessons. Erum asked a lot of questions where she was unsure about. Test booked for the 13th November 2015 at the West Didsbury Driving Test Centre. Erum drove confidently making only four minor driver’s fault. Congratulations once again wish you a life time of safe driving. Here is what Erum has to say about her learning experience:

I am very glad to say that Uncle Joe is such a patient, friendly and understanding instructor I’ve ever had. I was very desprate to pass, which I did first time in the help of Uncle Joe.
I cannot express how Uncle Joe has given me alot of confident throughout all the lessons I had with him.
I would definately recommend Uncle Joe to everyone who are willing to pass first time. A Big Thank You To Uncle Joe :))


"A big thank you to a very strategic, well-informed driving instructor(Uncle Joe) with the best driving techniques. Thank you for the instructions, patience and technicality of driving safe. You are second to none. The service I got was exemplary. I will recommend you a thousand times to anyone that asks for a driving instructor. Uncle Joe’s driving school is the BEST among the REST. Every route he drives you through is A WIN. I passed the first time and yeah I got a card. "  Read More