8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Igor Strzelczyk, Fallowfield, Manchester.

Meet a very quiet and soft-spoken young lad called Igor. Igor got in touch with Uncle Joe about driving lessons. Igor had previously learnt with a previous instructor somehow things did not work as planned. We agreed to a taster session after which we agreed on a structured lesson package of 10 hours. We got the lessons started to a steady progress with each lesson a step in the right direction. Confidence began to grow, Igor found his rhythm easy to follow getting the new skills and consolidating previous skills. There were a few clarifying questions which I did my best to provide answers. Congratulations once again wish you a lifetime of safe driving. Here is what Igor has to say about his learning experience with Uncle Joe”

Great instructor, very dedicated and always on time.


"On a positive note, my driving lessons with Uncle Joe have been wonderful. I learnt so much that would make my driving safe and structured. I came from a background where I picked a lot of bad driving habits but he has helped me to knock them off. Another thing I would like to mention is his discipline with time. I passed my driving test on a second attempt. I thank God I that I am a licenced driver in the UK. Chinyere "  Read More