8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Mustaq, Gatley, Stockport.

Here is Mustaq aka Mush, lives in the Gatley area of Stockport. Uncle Joe was contacted by Rhenna (Mush’s Sister) every lessons and details were all done on his behalf by his sister. I thought this was very very nice apparently Mush is the only lad among three sisters. Hence Mush is well looked after which makes me feel jealous! Anyway Mush was booked in for an extended test having been on the wrong side of the law. Time served being off the road for a number of years Mush is now rebranded, revitalised and determined to clean a clean slate, he was ready to be re introduced to the road network in a safe manner. Mush’s lessons were quite straight to the point, there was hardly any issues of serious concern. Although Mush missed on the first attempt due to a wrong turn into a dead end. It was going to a wait for another three weeks of anxious wait. Finally the day came on Tuesday 21/05/2013 at the newly refurbished Bury Driving Test Centre. Mush passed his extended test and now legal to drive on the roads again. Congratulations once again wish you a life time of safe driving. I believe hard lessons have been learnt and you will go on to be a safe driver once again. Take care and wish you all the best.


"Simeon’s driving lessons would be best remembered for the enormous amount for humour & laughs. Never did each lesson without smile. We both looked forward to every Friday tea time to have another laugh whilst learning new skills. I am really happy to have been part of Simeon’s success story"  Read More