8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Rosie Hankin, Fallowfield, Manchester.

Meet Rosie a law student in the University here in Manchester. Rosie lives in the Fallowfield area of Manchester. After narrowing her search down to Uncle Joe. We got off a good start, Rosie had previous driving lessons back home. Rosie’s lessons were carefully planned around her academic work load and work commitments. Rosie made the desired progress building on her existing driving skills. The left reverse was a least favorite, hence we worked on the left reverse such that the left reverse became a strong point. Rosie narrowly missed out on her first attempt due to an inconsiderate driver on a cross road. That gave us more time and opportunity to work areas of need. Rosie made history on the 02/07/2013 at the West Didsbury Test Centre. Rosie passed her driving test making just five minor driver’s fault. Congratulations once again wishing you safe driving for life. 


"Uncle Joe would always try to encourage me to not be downhearted on myself and to continuously try to improve no matter how many times I messed up"  Read More