8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Tenny Trillions, Cheetham Hill, London

His name says it all. Meet Teni, based in Manchester but works in London. Teni was recommended by Kunle another student who had passed with Uncle Joe. Teni came to Uncle Joe on the back of having quite a number of years experience of driving abroad. Obviously picked up a number of driving habits least desired to be a safe driver in England. A carefully well structured driving lessons plan needed to be put in place to accommodate Teni’s works schedule and pattern with his London office. Teaching Teni was so much easy and the amount of laughs and fun was no where compared to the amount of lessons Teni undertook. I personally enjoyed those times and never a dull moment with the guy that sees trillions coming his way. I wonder what trillions he is thinking about my definite guess would be trillions of “£’s”. Well I might as well advise you play the lottery! Well done Teni I am really proud of you. We got there eventually. Teni’s girlfriend is due start driving lessons with Uncle Joe sometime! Wish you safe driving for life and take care! 


"I found Uncle Joe as a professional instructor with a great ability in educating the skills needed to drive safely and pass at a cost effective way.A friend introduced me to Uncle Joe, his teaching style increased my confidence in driving and made me a safer driver. I would hereby recommend this school. The end of a thing is better than the beginning. Thank you Uncle Joe."  Read More