8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Tolulope Anwansedo, Salford, Manchester.

IMG_1679Meet a lovely mother of two called Tolu. Tolu got in touch with Uncle Joe after two unsuccessful attempts with a previous instructor. We got the lessons underway, these lessons turned out to be very useful and productive to Tolu who was very keen to get it right n this occasion. We arranged lessons around child care and other commitments. Each lesson served as a build on effect and with the test  booked for the 24th June 2016 at the Cheetham Hill Drving Test Centre, Tolu pulled at the the test centre knowing it has about high tie she did it for herself and the her kids. Tolu went to drive to the required driving standards to pass her test. Congratulations once again wish you a lifetime of safe driving. Here is what Tolu has got to say about her learning experience with Uncle Joe:

Am so excited and overwhelmed today,as I passed my driving test after two failed attempts.Many thanks to Uncle  Joe ,for your patient and inciting confidence in me which helped me scale through.


"Wunmi came to Uncle joe on that back a number of failed attempts with previous instructors. Due to a number previous unpleasant experiences with driving. Wunmi's confidence had been dealt with a blow, hence for me most of the lessons centred around rebuilding, reassuring and re establishing Wunmi's self belief about her ability to drive. The lessons were targeted and specific to address the lingering issues. We came to a happy ending on the 21/03/2015 at the Cheetham Hill Driving Test Centre. Wunmi passed in an Automatic Car. Congratulations once again wish you a lifetime of safe driving, Wunmi has requested us not to use a picture hence we are unable to provide her picture."  Read More