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Driving Lessons in Newton Heath

Hi, I’m Uncle Joe and I’m a Driving Instructor covering the Newton Heath area of Manchester.

There are plenty of driving schools in Newton Heath for you to choose from, but there’s no point in trying to learn from someone you don’t trust so let’s get to know each other…

Joe Bangudu driving school newton heath manchester

Driving Instructor in Newton Heath, Manchester,

My name is Joe, but most of my pupils call me Uncle Joe. I’ve been a driving instructor for over 6 years and worked for some of the biggest names in the industry but now I’m bringing my own approach and expertise to the learner drivers of Newton Heath.

ADI and DSA Approved

You’ll be glad to know that I’m a fully qualified and DSA approved Driving Instructor – that means I’m registered with the Driving Standards Authority, I’ve passed advanced practical and theoretical driving tests as well as having proved my ability to teach other people, and of course, I’ve been CRB checked for your safety.

It means that you can be reassured I know what I’m doing (I get to display a snazzy green badge in my car to prove it) and that I’m committed to what I do. And, it’s one of the reasons why I’ve maintained a brilliant pass rate – 8 out of 10 of my pupils pass first time.

What’s involved in my driving lessons?

I think the key to success when learning to drive is to master the basics before venturing on to the bigger, more challenging stuff. It’s like building a house, ensure you have good foundations and the rest of the build is a breeze!

A flexible approach is important and I tailor each lesson to the individual. There are no set timescales; the pace of the course will be set by how quickly you master the skills. There is no point in rushing through everything without making sure you are confident in each and every task.

I’m always looking for ways to improve my driving lessons…

I’m one of the very few driving instructors in Newton Heath, Manchester to embrace the power of technology. I love a good gadget and my iPad has proven itself to be really useful, enabling me to screen videos, provide mock Theory and Hazard Perception tests and book Theory and Practical driving tests in-car. Geeky but brilliant!

And finally…

Choosing a driving instructor in Newton Heath isn’t easy. Quality and price can vary greatly and given how low the average pass rate is and how expensive a test is, you’ll want to choose an instructor that will give you the best chance of passing first time. Learning to drive with Uncle Joe is one way to do just that!

Take a look around the site, see what I have to offer – maybe even give me a trial run by booking one of my £10 taster sessions if you’re still not sure, but whatever you decide, thanks for taking the time to visit Uncle Joe’s Driving School!


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"Initially, I had lessons with another driving instructor. However, after I failed the driving test, I was disheartened and sought to my friend's advice. She introduced me to her own instructor who had helped her pass the test the second time too. I started lessons with Joe in late March. I found him to be very patient, pointing out my mistakes and how I could avoid them in the future. From driving with him, I gained confidence in my own abilities and learnt more as a result of his constant motivation. Other than being a good instructor, Joe also takes time to get to know his students, which makes every lesson very enjoyable. He also organised my practical test, just 2 weeks after I started with him, and booked it for the earliest date possible, which of course was very efficient. I appreciate his help and am thankful for his effort. Safe to say, after 2 weeks of dedicated teaching, I passed my driving test and I would strongly recommend those automatic car learners out there to start with Joe!"  Read More