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How to Create a Recommendation Letter for a Friend

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Ejaculation – It Is Actual

Ejaculation - It Is Actual

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"Boom. What a journey it has been, from the very first day I met Uncle Joe through to this very day - 1 year 7 months has passed. Uncle Joe is truly a God sent, after I was introduced to him by a couple of friends from church who had nothing but praises about him, I knew I had to give him a try. Our lessons were always very focused, with an aim to achieve something by the end of the lesson, and information/theory is always taught in bite sized chunks so that you won't forget the key points. Uncle Joe not only taught me how to drive safely and well, but also to be exam smart. He is a very resourceful instructor and will always have something up his sleeves to help me understand a concept with his diagrams or help with revision for the theory exam. In addition, he will make sure that I was familiarized with the test routes and conditions many many many many many times over so that I had no choice but to pass the driving test. If he screams at you for something, its only because he wants you to do well and not make the same mistake. He is committed to your success, and he truly loves his students. In addition to his role as an instructor, he is also an amazing friend, mentor and brother in Christ and it has been my privilege and blessing getting to know him through the conversations that we had, encouraging and blessing one another (even praying for me before the test). Like all good things that are meant to be shared, if you're looking for a driving instructor, look no further - Uncle Joe is the answer. -- Warmest Regards, Timothy Tan"  Read More