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You get 10% off every block of 10 lessons, 12% off 15 lessons and a whopping 15% off 20 lessons (and with a 20 lesson block booking you’ll get your test date appointment free). T&C’s apply
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"After failing my test on three occasions at home in Leicestershire and my theory test running out within two months, I thought all hope of achieving my license before leaving University was over. I returned to Manchester for University after Christmas and after reading through a few sites, I decided to contact Joe to try and get one last attempts of a practical test in before my theory ran out. From the word go, Joe was just fantastic, there is no other way to put it. He understood my situation, he was flexible around my schedule, and ensured to get my test booked as soon as he had seen me drive and was fully confident that I could pass after a few more lessons. Getting to know the roads of Manchester was a hard thing to do, when I myself live in a rural area and the roads there are very different! Joe with his fantastic constructive criticism and persistent confidence ensured that I was comfortable on the roads, and managed to rebuild my confidence which had been lost after having failed the test previously. After a number of lessons with Joe, and being given some fantastic advice on how to make my manoeuvres that much easier, as well as getting to know the roads around the test centre; I ended up passing first time in Manchester. I honestly cannot recommend Joe enough for anyone looking for lessons, whether you are looking at switching instructors or starting from scratch. His way of teaching is incredible and builds you up very fast. I honestly did not think I'd be seeing my license for a while yet, however with Joe's help, I have achieved what I thought was the impossible! Thank you ever so much Joe, you are a fantastic guy, and it has been an absolute pleasure. Nathan"  Read More