8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Fast Pass Course

Fast and intense driving lessons structured for those who want to get on the road quickly!

You’ll have a week long course of lessons and then a test upon completion of that week and a pass will be within your reach.

This fast and intensive course is designed for those who are passionate and keen to get driving and by booking all your lessons at once you could save up to £180!

Very high pass rate – see feedback from students who have passed on first attempt

More than 25% higher than the national average*

Save up to 25% on driving lessons in Manchester and Greater Manchester
*Different rates apply to tuition with automatics


"I am taking this moment to express my gratitude for that EXTRA support and that EXTRA push during our practice sessions. I had zero road confidence at the very start but you helped bring that confidence out from the get go. After the 8th lesson you made me realise that I was fully ready for the exam although I was a little bit scared at that point because of the fear of failing. You also let me realise that being over confident might cause failure and at this point when I was most cautious will be the best time to take the test. We agreed and booked the test earlier than I expected but with your style of training I knew I was ready to go. Your Motto of BEING OVER PREPARED THAN UNDERPREPARED really paid off, the test seemed quite easy. It was a good pass. Thanks Uncle Joe once more."  Read More