8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Manual and Automatic

Instruction in both Manual and Automatic Cars

You have the opportunity to choose from a manual or automatic engine to learn how to drive.

Automatic: If you don’t want to worry about having to put the clutch down and change your gears, then automatic is for you. In an automatic, you just need for D for driving, P for parking and R for Reverse but you’ll still need to learn the rules of the road! But don’t worry, I’ve got a suitable car and together we’ll get you on the road in no time!

Manual Car: Alternatively, if you want to make sure you can drive any car (manual or automatic) then you’ll need to learn how to drive a manual. If you can, it’s a great thing to do as you’ll learn all about how the gears and how they can help you control the car, it’s speed and your safety.


"Wow, What an Instructor, What an experience, What a pass. Like so many others out there, I had driven with various instructors, done years of 'start and stop' driving, until I found Uncle Joe, the man. An Instructor who is truly amazing, organised, punctual, friendly ... , one who is able to encourage and build confidence. I recommend Uncle Joe, A Million times over, because if he has, been able to do it with me, then anyone can pass if they adhere to instructions, with the one and only true Instructor in Greater Manchester, Uncle Joe. (for its only a matter of Cash ) "  Read More