8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Elicia Kelly, Blackley, Manchester.

IMG_0132Meet Elicia Kelly, who lives in the Blackley Area of Manchester. Elicia was referred to Uncle Joe by Jade ( a previous successful student of Uncle Joe’s). Jade had previously recommended Phil who had also passed with Uncle Joe on his first attempt. Elicia was an absolute beginner and we got off to a flying start. Elicia was determined and ready to learn. I would describe Elicia’s lessons as progressive and productive in many ways. We got round driving on the road in no time. Elicia’s driving skills improved as the lessons came by, we moved from simply going round the block to developing road sense and getting grip what it entails to be a safe and confident driver on the road. The left reverse exercise was the least favourite, hence we spent more time reversing “round the corners” i.e. reversing from the main road to a side/minor road. We managed to get round it and hence we were ready for the practical test.  Elicia started the 2014 new year with a big band! Elicia was my first student to pass first time on her first attempt in 2014. Elicia passed on the 02/01/2014 at the Cheetham Hill Driving Test Centre making only 8 minor faults. Congratulations once again, I could not be any less proud of you, wish you a lifetime of safe driving



"I passed first time with Joe with 25 hours worth of lessons. I had no experience at all when I first started learning with Joe so I had a few worries and had been anxious but excited at the same time. I picked Joe due to the good reviews he had and thought that's exactly what I need. He was friendly, patient and flexible! He made me feel at ease even though I was very nervous when I first started driving and he was very laid back and relaxed which made it easier to work with him. He's very knowledgeable about driving and knew his stuff really well! All his techniques of teaching the manoeuvres made it easier for me to learn quickly and he was very patient when I kept wanting to practice it. Everyone always says parallel parking is a nightmare but I found this the easy due to his techniques! I highly recommend Joe to everyone who's looking to pass their test! I would like to say thanks to Joe for all the support and guidance he has given whilst learning how to drive and all the tips he gave! I have no regrets in choosing to work with Joe!"  Read More