8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

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Hello, World! This is my first WordPress publication…


"While living in Bulford which is located down south having done my driving lesson with another instructor and my test 4 times but failed, in my mind he was the best for me but got discouraged when I failed the fourth time. I moved to Manchester and was looking for the best instructor for my personal self and Uncle Joe was introduced to me by a family friend and I jumped at it, my first impression about uncle Joe was not nice because he was too strict via the phone but we later got along since am the one looking for the knowledge to fish. My first lesson good comment from him (you know how to drive but you need to learn safety and ................). In a day I learnt all the maneuvering, then I got more interested cos with my other instructed it took me ages to learn all this and money as well. Uncle Joe was too strict for my liking at first, gets very angry when I make mistake and shout when he needs too. When I did my test the first time with Uncle Joe and I failed then I took him more serious and we became friends and did not worry any longer about his strictness, did it the second time failed but was very discouraged and angry but he explained my mistake and try to correct my notion of the examiner failing me, the third time I failed again but I clearly saw this time it was me who failed myself and not the examiner. Wanted to change my test center cos I was so discouraged but Uncle Joe advised I go the fourth time and if its goes bad then I can change my center, I yielded to his advise and went for my test this time around and remembered all his advise of observation while driving. Got my driving licence this time around with just 4 fault. Uncle Joe taught me and change my perspective on how I see examiners. Please if you are reading this just give Uncle Joe a try and am sure you will never regret you did. God bless you UNCLE JOE!!! OLA."  Read More