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Before you put your foot on the gas, here are some places where you can learn some useful facts about driving:


"UNCLE JOE, THE DRIVING JEDI ! I had attempted to learn to drive a couple of years ago, but found out I was pregnant and still had a long way to go before I was test ready . Needless to say hormones and driving lessons don't mix so I gave up trying in my 8th month of pregnancy and I didn't think I'd ever find the confidence to try again after I had the baby. Then I found Uncle Joe, and honestly from day one, I knew I was in good hands! Joe is the most patient, wise, professional gentleman you could ever hope to meet. His teaching methods are a class act, not only did I feel I was making swift progress with Joe, I also really looked forward to my lessons instead of dreading them! If you've had a bad experience with lessons and your confidence has been knocked, don't give up, book a lesson with Uncle Joe. I guarantee if anyone can turn your path to safe and competent driving around, it is this gentleman!! Thank you so much Uncle Joe,I could never have got through without you are an absolute driving Jedi "  Read More