8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Special Offers

Introductory Offers

Whether you want to buy a couple of lessons to test the water, or you want to book in bulk, here at Uncle Joe’s Driving School in Manchester, there’s an offer to suit all our new customers. Take a look at our introductory offers for more information.

Taster Lessons

How well you learn can be directly related to how well you get on with your instructor and their style of teaching. If you want to make sure we’re the driving school for you, why not try a taster lesson – that’s a one hour driving lesson for just £19.99p!


We know what it’s like to try and organise your life when you’ve got small kids – it can be really difficult. Well, we’re here to help.

If you would love to take driving lessons but are having trouble organising childcare, we work with a local, Ofsted registered child minder who can provide crèche services if needed.

Student Discounts

Not just for the high street or the student union, your NUS card entitles you to a 10% online student discount on driving lessons with Uncle Joe. Book in bulk and that’s quite the saving! Look at our student discounts page for more details.

Book Online

It’s easy, it’s convenient and it saves time for you and Uncle Joe, so book online and you can save a 10% student discount. Not bad eh? See here for details. Students only*

Block Booking

If you need to book your lessons one at a time, that’s fine. But if you know you’re going to need a few you should consider booking in bulk. By booking blocks of 10, 15 or 20 lessons you can make huge savings of up to 15% and if you book 20 lessons or more you’ll get your test date appointment free! Check out the discounts on the block booking page.


"I passed first time after only 5 lessons which Joe very kindly arranged for me to have all in the space of a couple of weeks. He was an excellent instructor, very patient and confident in my driving ability, which put me at ease immediately and helped me progress very rapidly so that I was ready to do my test in no time. Joe was optimistic and very supportive throughout the entirety of my driving lessons, which shows he really cares about the success of his students. I highly recommend anyone wanting to have driving lessons in Manchester to go with Uncle Joe's Driving School, I would not have passed so quickly or easily without Joe's help."  Read More