8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Taster Lesson

How well you learn can be directly related to how well you get on with your instructor and their style of teaching.
A taster lesson gives you an hour of tuition and the opportunity to met Uncle Joe and make sure he’s the driving instructor for you, without having to commit to a batch of lessons.
These sessions must be booked online.  Once we receive your booking, we’ll be in touch to confirm a time that is convenient for you.


"Uncle Joe is one of a kind and certainly knows his trade. I was on a time crunch which gave me great anxiety but with his help, I went from being a nervous wreck at the wheels to holding my own, I took the test a few times but his confidence in my driving gave me the boost to keep going till I passed. It was quite the experience. Thanks a lot, Uncle Joe!!"  Read More