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"I’ve been driving for about 20 years in the United States and Iran. I hold driver licenses from both places. After deciding to settle in the UK, I set out to get my UK Driver License. I studied for and passed my theory exam on my own. But, for my practical exam, I knew I needed to have a driving instructor because I needed to learn to drive on the left side as well as many new and unfamiliar street signs. Therefore, I called several companies and they asked me to sign up for 10 or more lessons (20+ hours) and one company sounded very unprofessional. Then, I came across Uncle Joe’s website which offered a taster lesson. The website looked professional and I felt the taster lesson could give me an idea on how many hours of instruction I would need. So, I signed up for a taster lesson with Joe and the great experience began! From the start, Joe was very friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. On his own volition, he told me I would probably only need about 5 hours of instruction, which is exactly what I had in mind. That is 15 hours less than other companies were trying to sell to me! I went through the 5 lessons and I learned a lot from him. On first attempt, I did not pass because I didn’t understand the examiner’s instructions, not because of Joe or my lessons. However, two weeks later, with no additional lessons, I passed. Therefore, thanks to Joe’s patience and caring, I now hold a third driver license from the United Kingdom and I can drive on both sides of the road. I would definitely encourage anyone looking for an honest experienced driving instructor to sign up with Joe. Sincerely, Star Vahid "  Read More