8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies


"Hi Joe, Congratulations on being shortlisted for the Intelligent Instructor Awards ‘Driving Instructor of the Year’ for the North East and North West! From thousands of instructors, you have been officially recognised as being one of the top 100 instructors within the UK! To help uncover the UK’s ‘Driving Instructor of the Year’, we asked tens of thousands of learners and those who have just passed their test, to nominate their instructor whom they felt were deserving of this accolade! We asked for evidence on communication skills, pupil engagement, innovative teaching techniques, customer satisfaction and the importance of road safety within the lessons."  Read More
"Uncle Joe is an amazing instructor. He's calm, laid back and understanding. I can't thank him enough.🐶"  Read More
"The best driving school! I just passed first time with uncle Joe, he's an amazing teacher who's very patient and friendly. Thank you, Uncle Joe!! "  Read More
"Joe believed that I could pass my test 3 weeks earlier than I had booked and he was right! He makes the driving process incredibly simple with easy-to-use reference points and is a pleasure to be around (possibly the best laugh of anyone I've heard). Regardless, book a lesson with Joe and you won't regret it: charisma, calm and character. All you need for an instructor."  Read More
"Joe was a really good instructor. He helped prepare me for my test well and I felt ready on the day. When learning Joe was patient and taught me well. He also helped me improve on my weaknesses. Happy to pass the first time"  Read More
"What a guy! Great instructor! Don't go anywhere else! Thanks for everything uncle Joe!"  Read More
"Uncle Joe was an excellent instructor! He's very patient and knew exactly how to correct my little faults. I managed to pass my test first time and with 0 fault and that's all thanks to Joe who prepared me for it perfectly. Thanks again! "  Read More
"Joe is a fantastic driving instructor who I would undoubtedly recommend. He is a calm and collected individual that aims to pass on his knowledge and make you a safe driver for life. From my first lesson, he made me feel comfortable and relaxed behind the wheel so that I could get the most out of my two-hour lesson. There has not been a lesson where he did not make me laugh and this made for a fun learning environment. He uses innovative teaching through his use of his iPad and always makes you reflect after every lesson so that you can keep improving on your weaknesses. I will certainly be taking him for my PassPlus certificate! Thank you, Joe!"  Read More
"I have had three instructors prior to taking driving lessons with Joe and Joe has by far been the best. His lessons are well structured and the use of reviews at the end of the lessons makes it easy to identify where you need to improve so that you go into the next lesson with a clear goal. The atmosphere is always calm and encouraging and he always makes sure not just to explain what you need to do but also why you need to do it so that you fully understand how to drive safely. I'd recommend Joe to anyone! "  Read More
"If you’re still trying to make your mind for which driving school to go for - look no further! Joe runs his driving company on his own, meaning that he personally takes care of each and every student and installs an intimate and friendly mentorship. The learning experience can be a nightmare if not with the right instructor, however, Joe is trusting, caring and very funny - making the whole journey an absolute pleasure. I went from being scared of driving a couple of months back, to 100% confident. I wouldn’t have had any other way, choosing Joe was the best option. Thanks again for everything. "  Read More


"I passed my driving test first time with Joe after only 9 lessons. He is the best driving instructor out there, he encouraged me and kept me going his method of teaching is the best. His explanation to the diagrams and videos help you understand how to do it right Thank you so much uncle joe"  Read More