8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies


"5 stars Instructor I would highly recommend Joe for anyone who is looking for a decent instructor. He is really fantastic Instructor, he uses different ways of teaching, explains everything, provides you with practical and technical notes and videos about how to do the idea driving, let’s you practice immediately, gives you the feedback and all the tips and tricks in order to pass the driving test. Joe estimates your driving level and works with you accordingly and at the top of that, he has a sense of humour which reduces the stress. He prepared you well before the driving test. I progressed with him a lot from the first lesson and I passed my driving test in a short time. I wish him all the best in his career. Best regards Dr Reem Swidah"  Read More
"He is a great driving teacher who is committed to his work and will go out of his way for you. He knows all the techniques and gives the right advice. You will pass with uncle Joe. Amazing service he didn’t give up on me and encouraged me even after 4 times. Definitely recommend! "  Read More
"The driving lessons was intensive and well informed. The instructor was supportive and patient and happy to come to my level. I sincerely recommend this driving school to everyone at any level . "  Read More
"Joe is a great driving instructor and I highly recommend him to anybody wanting to learn! My lessons were constructive and progressive, yet calm and enjoyable. Joe is a friendly, patient, knowledgable teacher - helping me learn everything needed for the test, and helping me battle my nerves. Thank you, Joe! Beep beep!"  Read More
"Uncle Joe is an excellent teacher! I must admit it was hard work for both of us but thanks to his relentless efforts, I passed. His approach is simple, he will make you go over your mistakes again and again till you learn to drive like a pro and stop being a safety hazard to others on the road. Over my few classes with him, he made me unlearn all the bad habits and encouraged me to believe in myself. Hit him up if you want to master those fear-inducing roundabouts and manoeuvres (without silly stickers in cars as reference points) like a boss. "  Read More
"From the start, I believed Joe would be the man for me. He took me out on a taster and assessed my skills. He told me the best way to get my pass and he succeeded I am so grateful to Joe for allowing me to be the best driver I can be and also being a good teacher Highly recommended for anyone looking to learn thank you, Joe !! "  Read More
"Couldn't have done it with you. I had lost my confidence. I remember Uncle Joe telling me that I can make it if I am focused on the road signs. I am so grateful that you taught me all the skills that I needed to drive."  Read More
"I had a great experience with Joe as a driving instructor. He provided me with lessons at short notice that were suited to my needs and ability level and even arranged my driving test which was a huge help. He helped build my confidence as a driver and made sure we practiced until I was happy with my ability to do a manoeuvre or route. He was always very calm and helpful during lessons and I was thrilled to pass first time as a result! Thanks so much Joe!"  Read More
"Joe was a fantastic driving instructor. I felt quite nervous about driving at first but Joe made me feel completely at ease very quickly. He knew when I was ready for my test (sooner than I expected myself). I passed the first time about three months after starting my lessons but it didn’t feel rushed at all - I just felt like I was making great progress each week with Joe. He was a very patient instructor, with lots of helpful driving tips and nice to have a chat with on lessons (an extra bonus!). Even though it was quite quick from start to the test, he has made me feel like a confident and safe driver through his instruction. I would highly recommend him as an instructor!"  Read More


"Joe is an excellent driving instructor, he is calm, gives clear instructions, constructive feedback and has known all the test routes. I enjoyed learning with him and would definitely recommend him to anyone. "  Read More