8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies


"I have had three instructors prior to taking driving lessons with Joe and Joe has by far been the best. His lessons are well structured and the use of reviews at the end of the lessons makes it easy to identify where you need to improve so that you go into the next lesson with a clear goal. The atmosphere is always calm and encouraging and he always makes sure not just to explain what you need to do but also why you need to do it so that you fully understand how to drive safely. I'd recommend Joe to anyone! "  Read More
"If you’re still trying to make your mind for which driving school to go for - look no further! Joe runs his driving company on his own, meaning that he personally takes care of each and every student and installs an intimate and friendly mentorship. The learning experience can be a nightmare if not with the right instructor, however, Joe is trusting, caring and very funny - making the whole journey an absolute pleasure. I went from being scared of driving a couple of months back, to 100% confident. I wouldn’t have had any other way, choosing Joe was the best option. Thanks again for everything. "  Read More
"Super happy to pass first time this week! Huge thanks to Uncle Joe for seeing me through! Joe is a brilliant instructor, he seems to have great intuition for what you as a student need at that time then knows exactly how to help. He radiates calm which really helps take the fear out of driving, and will have you laughing every lesson! His explanations are clear and simple and stick with you. Also has the best systems for smashing out manoeuvres. Joe really builds you up and makes the journey of learning to drive a pleasure - would recommend to anyone! ☺️"  Read More
"Very thankful to Uncle Joe! He has supported me and believed in me and in my driving from the beginning, he is so patient and an encourager when things don’t go quite to plan! Passed with 3 minors and it’s all down to Uncle Joe! Couldn’t rate him more highly!!!"  Read More
"Joe is an excellent driving instructor, he is calm, gives clear instructions, constructive feedback and has known all the test routes. I enjoyed learning with him and would definitely recommend him to anyone. "  Read More
"Great fun and really informative. Knows East Didsbury test routes inside out. Really patient and informative "  Read More
"A very patient instructor, helped me so much to calm my nerves which is a very hard task for any teacher/tutor/instructor I have had. I am so pleased I passed after not that much time. Thank you for your help!"  Read More
"Meet an outgoing young man called Jordan. Imagine you pass your test with no driver's fault. That's exactly what happened to Jordan, Jordan called up Uncle Joe on Thursday had a lesson on Friday and Saturday and on Monday 20th May 2019 pulled up on at the West Didsbury Driving Test going on to pass his test with Zero Fault. Clean sheet another name for it! Congratulations once again Jordan, I could not be any less proud of you. Well done to you!"  Read More
"I passed my automatic licence with uncle Joe 4 years ago, decided to upgrade for manual licence and of course, I went back to uncle Joe and just after 5 lessons I passed the first time. Couldn't recommend him enough."  Read More
"A big thank you to a very strategic, well-informed driving instructor(Uncle Joe) with the best driving techniques. Thank you for the instructions, patience and technicality of driving safe. You are second to none. The service I got was exemplary. I will recommend you a thousand times to anyone that asks for a driving instructor. Uncle Joe’s driving school is the BEST among the REST. Every route he drives you through is A WIN. I passed the first time and yeah I got a card. "  Read More


"After spending over 2 years trying to get my license, I had almost lost all hope in ever being able to drive, but things changed when I came across Uncle Joe's Driving School online. I decided to take the taster session and afterwards decided to go for a 10lessons/20 hour package. Considering I have had 3 different instructors previous to Joe, I can honestly say he is the best at what he does. He is an amazing instructor with an unique and methodical teaching style which I believe really helped build my confidence behind the wheel and helped me learn the four manoeuvres really quickly. Most importantly, I would say he is very patient, supportive, friendly and gives very clear instructions. I am very pleased I chose to learn with him. I passed my test and got my license within 5 weeks. I would highly recommend him to any learner. Once again Thank you very very much for your wonderful 5* service Joe. Lol you definitely made my mums year Emoji"  Read More