8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies


"Booked a few taster session with Joe and a few other companies after a while of not driving to see which instructor was the best. After being with Joe I knew straight away he was the best by a country mile. So I booked a following 10 hours with Joe and he said he knew I'd be ready for my test so book that as well. It seemed so soon but Joe reassured me he knew I'd be ready, he had faith in me and he was right too, as I passed first time. Top bloke who puts his students first and really does know his salt Can't thank Joe enough for his patience and knowledge. He puts his students first and worked around my busy work schedule to give me the best opportunity to learn and that's one of the many things that made Joe great."  Read More
"When I first went on uncle joe’s page I had failed my first driving test with a different instructor so I was skeptical of all the positive reviews. But after my first taster lesson with him all those doubts disappeared. Uncle Joe has the most refreshing take on driving. Excellent organisation, with driving videos, a self review log system, and availability to answer questions that may come up outside of lesson time. He also gave me an overview of how many lessons I needed before the test so that I didn’t waste my money. He doesn't just teach you how to pass your test but rather be a competent and confident driver. My lessons were always relaxed and filled with humour. I passed today after just 5 lessons with uncle Joe, I would highly recommend. :) "  Read More
"PASSED FIRST TIME! I would not have been able to do this with out Uncle Joe’s Driving School. I was amazed by how much experience and knowledge he had and he was a genuinely nice guy to learn with. I would highly suggest Uncle Joe’s Driving School for anyone who is looking to pass as quick as possible. There is no holding back and when he thinks your ready he will book you in for a test. Thank you very much Joe for all your patience and time put in. Very very happy! "  Read More
"I definitely recommend Uncle Joe`s driving school! He has an amazing ability to develop a specific learning method for you in a short time. I passed the exam after 9 lessons with him, which I didn`t expect from the beginning. His enthusiastic demonstration, well-prepared videos and tips helped me to understand and remember easily and clearly. The driving diary and comments are also helpful! Thank you very much Uncle Joe for all your patience and help! Thanks a lot also for the beautiful card."  Read More
"I passed my driving test first time with Joe after only 9 lessons. He is the best driving instructor out there, he encouraged me and kept me going his method of teaching is the best. His explanation to the diagrams and videos help you understand how to do it right Thank you so much uncle joe"  Read More
"Nice guy, taught the manoeuvres well and passed the test, would recommend"  Read More
"Good driving instructor, friendly and managed to book my driving test early..."  Read More
"I passed first time with Joe after only 6 lessons. I would highly recommend Joe if you are looking for an honest instructor. Very pleased"  Read More
"Excellent driving instructor really helped me after a few bad instructors and I passed 1st time! Highly recommended!"  Read More
"Uncle Joe has been an amazing driving instructor one who is not only interested in teaching and collecting fees but the journey in actually passing the practical driving test.  I am very grateful for his help, encouraging words and push in achieving my licenses. I highly recommend Uncle Joe's Driving school.  Thank you, Uncle Joe."  Read More


"I passed my test 8 years ago but due to a combination of factors have not had much need to drive since then. On the few occasions I have I have not had good experiences and over time my confidence had dropped to the point I was actively avoiding driving. Joe clearly identified confidence as my biggest issue and set to work making me feel comfortable and secure driving again. He doesn’t just teach you about the mechanics but the psychology and rhythms of driving. After 6 lessons I was out driving my own car and continue to do so. I would not hesitate to recommend to Joe to anyone be they a first time driver or someone who needs refresher lessons – quite simply he is the best."  Read More