8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies


"He is friendly and helped to prepone my test day also. Thank you uncle joe."  Read More
"I count myself privileged to learn under Uncle Joe. He has all the qualities of a good instructor. His mode of teaching instills confidence and calmness in his candidates. You wouldn’t get a better instructor than him!!!!! "  Read More
"I passed at 8 months pregnant! Uncle Joe was a great teacher. He kept me calm and was very patient and understanding. He knew when I was ready to take my test, even though I wasn’t sure and I passed first time. He’s good company and I’ll miss him! "  Read More
"Joe is an amazing driving instructor and I can not recommend him enough!! He makes you feel the most comfortable in the car and extremely relaxed. It feels like you’re in the car with a friend who has all the knowledge in the world about cars and passing your driving test! He pushes you to achieve your best and before you know it you’re ready for your test! Thank you joe "  Read More
"After looking around various sites to try and start driving again I knew Joe was the right choice for me. Joe has helped instil confidence in me since the day I started driving with him all the way to passing my test. He has a great level of patience and helps you to understand instructions every step of the way. He is a great teacher and always went the extra mile from a pupil viewpoint. Definitely worth your time if you are new to driving or you want more from your driving lessons."  Read More
"If you are looking to do driving lessons with one of the best in the business look no further than this incredible individual uncle Joe. His ability to give clear instruction in such a calm manner is infectious. You feel completely at ease behind the wheel which makes learning the correct techniques a lot easier. I have had lessons in the past with other instructors who honestly do not even compare with the level of the one and only uncle Joe. Thanks for everything! "  Read More
"I have to thank Uncle Joe for getting my license. His courses are well structured. I have had a clear goal for each lesson and kept track of my progress. He not only teaches me how to physically drive but more importantly understand the logic behind the actions. This helps a lot when driving on a new route. In practice, he has some methodologies that really helped a lot. For example, he would ask me what the other cars have done wrong to impress on me the right things to do. He also steps out to highlight the reference points in the manoeuvres. I would recommend Uncle Joe if you want to get your license in a short period of time and drive confidently."  Read More
"My experience with Uncle Joe has been nothing but amazing. He’s very approachable and friendly person and he’s always willingly to go an extra mile. In addition, he’s a very patient person. He taught me many different aspects to driving, eg how to put petrol into a car. Most importantly, he also taught me how to drive safely and what I need to know to pass the test. I highly recommend Uncle Joe to everyone. Thank you very much Uncle Joe. God bless you. "  Read More
"I am feeling super ecstatic right now!! I still can’t believe I have passed my test after the 6th attempt!!. I failed 5 times previously before learning how to drive with Uncle Joe. Thank you so much, Uncle Joe. You are such an excellent instructor. You did your best in calming my nerves down, teaching the skills I need to be a safe and confident driver in a professional way. I would definitely recommend Uncle Joe. If you don’t want to waste your money and time, Uncle Joe’s driving school is the sure way to go."  Read More


"I never dreamt of having UK licence, I still can't believe I have done it, Alhamdulillah! I booked the theory test on 24th Nov, and I passed the theory test on 26 Nov, I called Uncle Joe and few other drivings school on 28 of Nov, thank God, God has choose me the best instructor for me, and trust me, Uncle Joe is the Professor, he has his own teaching skills and his own approaches. He has booked the test for me on 10th of December (this is superb magic, you won't believe it), and I have done 10 hours driving lessons with him, with almost zero UK-driving skills, and helped me to pass the test today.I still don't believe I have done this less than 2 weeks. I am very happy and pleased to learn many things from him, he has prepared and well-equipped me with the knowledge and skills how to drive in UK. I get only a chance to knew Uncle Joe for short period of time, but during this short period of time I can list few things why you should choose Uncle Joe for your driving lesson: 1. HONESTY - He is one of the honest person I have met in my life, he is unlike other instructor who wants you to take more lessons such that he will earn more, but Uncle Joe does not work this way, he is honest, he delivered the best for you, and whatever he suggest is purely based on our current situation and what we capable of. 2. PUNCTUAL - I have 10 hours ( 5 lessons) plus another 2 hours for test itself, never been late, sharp on time in front of my house, as planned. 3. MOTIVATION - He helped me a lot in building my confidence to drive, he motivates me through out the lessons, no more anxiety of roundabout, bus lane, reverse and bay parking. 4. Car - I never thought I will be driving NEW Audi A1 for driving lesson and test, the condition of the car superb. 5. Tools - The electronic tools, gadgets and applications he used to demonstrate the lesson was very helpful, brilliant! If you read my review now, do not waste your time to do research and looking for the best instructors in Manchester, directly contact Uncle Joe to book your lesson. Thank you Prof Joe. Regards, Muhammad"  Read More