8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Aaron Hacking, Urmston, Manchester.

Meet an interesting young man called Aaron. Aaron lives in the Urmston area of Trafford in Manchester. Aaron’s story is a classic. Basically Aaron’s theory test was due to expire sooner than later. There was little or no chance of having a test prior to the theory test being expired. Aaron’s mum (Alison) would not take no for an answer, Alison believed it was possible for her son to take a test before the 03/09/13. I am very intrigued about Alison’s determination. Alison searched and narrowed down to Uncle Joe’s Driving School. We got talking and once I saw the love, care and desire for her son. I was touched and tried my best to get a test for the 02/09/2013 at the Bolton Driving Test Centre. Aaron was booked for the test and an intensive package was put in place by Uncle Joe. Aaron got off on a good start determined to make it count. I would described Aaron’s lesson as lively and productive, after each lesson you could feel the vibe that Aaron was ready to go for it. Aaron’s confidence was now reinstated, self belief now installed and determination was in place for Aaron to be mentally prepared for the test. On the 02/09/2013 at the Bolton Driving Test Centre. Aaron passed his test making only TWO Minor driver’s faults. Aaron passed his test with just a day before his theory test expired. Congratulations once again. I cannot be any less proud of you. Aaron has since got his partner to start with Uncle Joe. Here is what Aaron has to say about his experience with Uncle Joe:

Pass with Uncle Joe well I did !  What a great guy patient and professional but friendly nothing is too much trouble for Joe he goes the extra mile and more,  he really cares about his students, I highly recommend you have Joe as your instructor you wont be disappointed, so forget the rest and get the best.



"We got through with exactly 4 weeks to go before her baby was born. We got a pass at Failsworth Manchester."  Read More