8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies


IMG_0262Meet Olivia who is a  student at the college, lives in Manchester. Olivia came to Uncle Joe on the back of unpleasant experiences with about a couple of driving instructor. I got a call from Olivia’s mum who is concerned and needed reassurance that I was going to be adding to the previous experience. I remember reassuring Mrs Byrne about my genuine services and care I have for each of my potential student. We got a plan underway for Olivia’s lessons, clearly planned to suit Olivia’s college times and other commitments. A carefully but well structured package was put in place for Olivia. This was agreed and we had a clear picture of time and date for each driving lesson. We got round to the test date on the 28/02/2014 at the West Didsbury Test Centre. Olivia passed her practical test making only three driver’s faults. Congratulations once again, wish you a lifetime of safe driving. Here is what Olivia and Olivia’s mum had to say about her experience with Uncle Joe: 

Joe has been a really great driving instructor, he gave me all the support I needed to get to and through my test!  He got my driving on the correct path in just a few lessons after having been taught some driving skills incorrectly, by a previous instructor. I give Joe ‘5 stars’ for the quality of teaching, friendliness and the overall learning experience.

Just wanted to thank you for the support you gave to insure my daughter passed her driving test.  After the turmoil of other very poor driving schools and driving instructor. We were lucky to find you.

I felt you were an honest person which was quite important.  It didn’t seem to be just about the money you seemed to care about your customers.  Something I found lacking in the other instructors.  You were in fact the only one willing to share your full name, commit to accepting payments through your bank rather than simple cash in hand without trace and willing to commit to set, prior agreed time schedule rather than turn up to suit yourself.  I sound bitter but the journey to achieving the success of a full driving license was bumpier that expected until we met you, UNCLE JOE.  Thank you!!

I shall recommend you to everyone I meet.  In fact I am sending out an email to my 100+ colleagues at work.


"On my very first lesson I wasn't sure what to expect from the learning process but Joe made sure that I was updated from the start and ensured that my knowledge and understanding was up to date and that I was comfortable in each area throughout, he has plenty of patience but most importantly a real positive and uplifting attitude that helped me a tremendous amount. I would recommend Joe to absolutely anybody he has a calm and straight forward approach to teaching and is very easy to get along with. Thank you again Joe for your patience and efforts that helped me pass my test. I could not have passed so soon and well within my specific time frame if it wasn't for you and all of your help, Thank you again Joe I'm so very grateful. :) Take Care"  Read More