8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Pass faster with a semi intensive course

Want to get it over and done with quickly – why not pack all your lessons into just seven days?


"Barbara booked a taster session with Uncle Joe after which we came up with a plan to accommodate driving lessons around Barbara's unique work pattern. We got off to a flying start, I would describe Barbara's lessons as productive. Barbara made progress as the lessons went by, each lesson would see her learn new skills and improve on her existing skills. Barbara was determined to get it right and made conscious efforts by making notes after each lesson. Nerves are terrible things to deal with on test day hence we had to work it out on how to deal with nerves. Barbara passed her test in an automatic car on the 20th March 2014 at the West Didsbury Driving Test Centre. Congratulations once again I wish you a lifetime of safe driving and all the best in the future. Well done I could not be any less proud of you. "  Read More