8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Jessie, 19 Moss Side, Manchester

Jessie, 19
Moss Side,

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Joe’s Driving School,

Learn to drive with Manchester’s very own Uncle Joe – a local, friendly and fully qualified driving instructor.

I’ll tailor the lessons to your needs, so whether it’s starting from scratch or just a refresher we’ll get you back on the road in no time!
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"Uncle Joe is an extraordinary person who trained me very well for the test. Yayy i did it in my first attempt. I was a bit confused and sceptical before the test and didn’t think i would pass. So I asked him if he was confident, listening yes felt good because i had only listened to my mistakes before that and telling me to improve my driving skills to an advanced level. Some attributes of uncle joe would go as: 1. Very punctual 2. Critical and would tell you when you do good 3. Quite vigilant and knows his stuff 4. Doesn’t drink or smoke � 5. A good listener 6. Uses different visual aids while training 7. Trains you for the toughest challange The interaction with him was very professional and i have learnt a lot from him, though i had been driving abroad for about 8 years. His analysis of my previous skills and the areas i need to improve was very accurate. He precisely told me about the required number of training hours i need before the test. I was the only person who passed the test in my group so i am very happy about not wasting my money on rookie instructors. I respect Uncle Joe a lot and would stay in contact with him in future as well. He is a thorough gentleman! Many thanks Joe, all the credit for having passed the test in first attempt goes to you. "  Read More