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DIAmond Special Test

DIAmond Special Test

Driving Instructor, Uncle Joe, has passed the DIAmond Special Test

The DIAmond Special Test is aimed at drivers and professional driver trainers who want to take their driving or riding to the highest level.

Going beyond the DIAmond Advanced Test, and adding new elements such as commentary driving, it is the perfect springboard on to opening up your career as a driver trainer.

Perhaps the most demanding driving qualification outside of the emergency services, the DIAmond Special Test proves you’ve got what it takes.

The test lasts for 90 minutes and is assessed over various driving conditions which will include town, country and motorway driving. The control of the vehicle must be extremely smooth and a high level of skill must be shown throughout the drive. You need fewer than two faults to pass.
A fault must not be repeated. The Special Test also includes a commentary driving element and candidates are expected to have a thorough understanding of eco-safe driving.

The DIAmond Special test is recognised and approved by the Driving Standard Agency.The special test is seen to be higher than the advanced Driving Test for Driving instructor by the DSA.

“I passed the DIAmond Special Test on my first attempt with only two driving faults. These faults were observed in the last five minutes to the end of the 90 minutes test. Consequently this has improved the quality of the driving and tuition given to my students. There have been remarkable results by way of experiencing and recording more first time passes achieved by my pupils upon completing the Diamond Special Test.”

Uncle Joe

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