8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies


"Uncle Joe is VERY professional and he is honestly so easy to get along with, he helped me in every way possible, I would 100% recommend him as he never gives up, he made me feel so confident. thank you, Joe, so much, It was a pleasure driving with you!!!!!"  Read More
"Learning to drive with Uncle Joe has been a great experience. Taking the driving test is not very easy but Uncle Joe has been thorough and patient with me. He fine-tuned all my skills with repeated practice and by the day of the test I was very confident. The best thing I found was he made me keep a log of all my lessons, so I knew exactly what I had achieved and what I should do for my next lesson, which I found was very structured. I am glad I had him as my instructor!"  Read More
"I highly recommend Uncle Joe's Driving School, I passed first time in a very short space of time. 😊 Joe was also very supportive and encouraging which made learning to drive easy! 👍🏾"  Read More
"Meet a lovely lady called Kady, Kady got in touch with Uncle Joe a while back before COVID 19, we got test ready just before the lockdown. However, with the lockdown for about three months, Kady got invited to book her driving test thus test booked for the 4th of August 2020 at the West Disbury Driving Test Centre, Kady went on to pass her test on her 1st attempt. Congratulations once again wish you a lifetime of safe driving experience."  Read More
"A brilliant instructor made me feel very confident and if you want to pass the first time I highly recommend him. "  Read More
"Can't recommend Joe enough! Such a friendly, patient teacher and made me feel really comfortable even after a couple of test failures. Thanks again!"  Read More
"Thank you, Joe, for helping me achieve a pass!! Joe is a wonderful driving instructor, rest assured you will have enjoyable lessons and learn so much! Joe made sure I was comfortable and helped build my road confidence with his well-structured lessons. Joe is very patient, constructive and flexible, I was able to get lessons and even my test date at short notice. I passed with flying colour's after one month, highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn! "  Read More
"Uncle Joe is one of the best instructors I have ever met. He has an excellent man- management skill and an uncanny ability at boosting your confidence even when at your lowest ebb. He is very professional and patient with his students; teaching the most difficult skills and manoeuvres in the simplest and friendliest way possible He is highly respectful and without doubt, he puts the success of his students first in his list of priorities; higher than money or profit. Massive thank you Uncle Joe for all your support and not giving up on me. You're highly recommended without hesitation! "  Read More
"Uncle Joe is the most helpful and supportive driving instructor. I highly recommend him. "  Read More
"Best instructor ever, there is a reason Joe is best instructor of the year. Really fun guy to learn driving with, you really enjoy your lessons in well mannered way and he always makes you feel that you are on top of your driving. I have literally passed my driving test in 3 weeks so that shows how good and knowledgeable Uncle Joe is. I would highly recommend uncle Joe any day and any time if you want to quickly and securely. "  Read More


"Uncle Joe is a perfect admixture of professionalism and excellence. From his insightful reviews at my first lesson, I knew failure was an impossible proposition. He possesses the skill of being able to identify key areas of weaknesses promptly and this usually makes the art of learning less complicated. Over the course of the lessons I had with him, I certainly became not only a better driver but a safe driver. In short, as we say in the board room, "he's the man for the job". -Gaspar "  Read More