8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Discounts on Block Booking

block booking discounts


You get 10% off every block of 10 lessons, 12% off 15 lessons and a whopping 15% off 20 lessons (and with a 20 lesson block booking you’ll get your test date appointment free). T&C’s apply
10 Lesson Package
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"Joe is a thorough professionl driving instructor who knows what he is doing and is able to quickly assess your learning needs. He brought structure to my driving in just few sessions , which helped me pass the driving test with just two minor faults. just a few sessions with you made my driving so much structured I could not have imagined before. Earlier I had driving sessions under an instructor with a big name in the market but only after I joined you I could feel the difference. You are a gem in your profession and so passionate about driving and making people learn it the right way that passing the test comes naturally with it. Please keep up the good work you are doing in teaching driving to the aspirants. Only your name will come to my mind if someone asks me whom to go for learning to drive and pass the tests for license."  Read More