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Motorway Driving

The first time on the motorway can be very daunting and, in some cases, very scary.

Our motorway driving lesson helps you to remain secure and safe on the motorway and covers what to look out for, how to get on the motorway safely and much more.
Motorway driving is fun and interesting and it’s worth an hour with Uncle Joe to settle you and get your confidence levels up for motorway driving. The guide price for the Motorway lesson starts from £35 per hour

For those who dread the idea of going on the motorway, it is time to get confident and get going. Call or email me for more details.


"Joe is a remarkably laid back and funny instructor but still manages to be very thorough, patient and informative.From the first lesson, right up to my last I have never regretted the decision to take lessons with Uncle Joe! Before taking lessons I was worried that I would find the experience quite stressful, but I can honestly say that the whole process with Joe has been a fantastic adventure and lots of fun! 2 months later I can happily say that I passed my test FIRST TIME! I was recommended Joe as a driving instructor by a friend of mine who had recently passed her driving test under his instruction.I would definitely recommend Joe to all my family and friends as I know from personal experience that he is a trustworthy instructor. THANK YOU UNCLE JOE!!"  Read More