8 out of 10 pass first time with Uncle Joe! Real Life Case Studies

Ms Pindi Sembhi, Peacock Gardens, Manchester.

IMG_0186Meet a lovely lady Pindi. Pindi is an English teacher and lives with her partner in the newly developed Peacock Gardens in Gorton Manchester. Pindi came to Uncle Joe having been referred by a previous successful student of Uncle Joe’s Driving School. Initially Pindi requested to have automatic lessons following a disappointing  experience with the manual car from a previous instructor. We got off to a flying start along the way, Pindi felt comfortable with the way the lessons were going, we thought we could give the manual car another chance which we did and Pindi responded very well in the manual car hence the switch! Uncle Joe came up with a carefully well structured plan of action for Pindi’s lessons leading to a test date. Saturday 25th January 2014 at the Cheetham Hill Driving Test Centre, Pindi made herself proud by passing her driving test first time with Uncle Joe. Congratulations once again wish you a life time of safe driving. Here is what Pindi has to say about her experience with Uncle Joe:

I would like to thank Joe for being such an amazing, relaxed and calm instructor, after taking a brake from driving for over 2 years, Joe built up my self esteem and gave my the confidence to re-take my test. After only 6 weeks and 15 lessons (including the 2 hours for the test) I passed my test. All I can say amazing instructor and friend, all was lemontatsic  thank you ever so much.

Elicia Kelly, Blackley, Manchester.

IMG_0132Meet Elicia Kelly, who lives in the Blackley Area of Manchester. Elicia was referred to Uncle Joe by Jade ( a previous successful student of Uncle Joe’s). Jade had previously recommended Phil who had also passed with Uncle Joe on his first attempt. Elicia was an absolute beginner and we got off to a flying start. Elicia was determined and ready to learn. I would describe Elicia’s lessons as progressive and productive in many ways. We got round driving on the road in no time. Elicia’s driving skills improved as the lessons came by, we moved from simply going round the block to developing road sense and getting grip what it entails to be a safe and confident driver on the road. The left reverse exercise was the least favourite, hence we spent more time reversing “round the corners” i.e. reversing from the main road to a side/minor road. We managed to get round it and hence we were ready for the practical test.  Elicia started the 2014 new year with a big band! Elicia was my first student to pass first time on her first attempt in 2014. Elicia passed on the 02/01/2014 at the Cheetham Hill Driving Test Centre making only 8 minor faults. Congratulations once again, I could not be any less proud of you, wish you a lifetime of safe driving


Deyorlar, Moston, Manchester.

Meet Mrs Adeola Kehinde who lives in the posh end of Moston! I simply call her Madam Dee as requested by her. Madam Dee was referred to Uncle Joe by Kunle; a previous successful student of Uncle Joe. Madam Gee came to Uncle Joe of the back of failed attempts to be precise 6 previous failed attempts. During our first lesson, I was personally moved with the level of drive, I felt Madam Dee had more to offer. A well structured package was put together for Madam Dee by Uncle Joe. The structured programme was welcomed and agreed by Madam Dee, which paved way for success. Each lesson came by being productive in many ways, with Madam Dee being pushed to her limits along the way. This did not come easy but I guess I could take it under my chin when genuinely mistaken when required to take her driving skills to the next level. I would describe Madam Dee’s lesson as progressive, She was determined to get it right on this occasion. It takes a lot of determination to go for it after missed out on a number of previous attempt. I must commend you for your courage. On the 14th October 2013 at the Cheetham Hill Driving Test Centre, Madam Dee drove a near perfect test drive making only Two Minor Faults. Passed First Time with Uncle Joe! Congratulations once again wish you a life time of safe driving. I could not be any less proud of you. Here is what Madam Dee has to say about her experience with Uncle Joe:


Uncle Joe is such a darling, I knew he would do it right from my first lesson with him. A family friend recommended him and I am happy I met Uncle Joe after I had failed six times…..passed it on the very first attempt with Uncle Joe. Thank you so much Uncle Joe



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"PASSED my Practical Driving Test First Time with Uncle Joe...I found the lessons to be great value for money. Joe was very Patient with me yet was firm an gave me much confidence..The Mini Car was lovely to drive and do maneuvers. I would highly recommend Uncle Joe for Driving Lessons and advice. Joe is very good at explaining everything you need to know and do to pass your test..Thank you very much Joe."  Read More